Good Pizza, Great Pizza App Recensioni

It’s glitchy

I absolutely love this game! It’s so fun and entertaining. But it always glitches out of the app. I was around day 28 and I had over 300 bucks in the game. One day I clicked on the app, and I was on day 3 with about 20 bucks! I had to work my way back up and I’m still not to day 28! Over all it’s a pretty fun game. But I think it can make some improvements like having more topping Varieties. And having the game to be more realistic. But overall it’s ok.

Really good game

Haven't downloaded any game on the app store that got me playing daily like this one in a long time. At first I though the game was going to be boring and something that would only offer only a couple hours of fun at most but it ended up being quite entertaining. Theres no better feeling in this game than watching your pizzeria grow, slowly becoming more lively from its original basic interior as you purchase decorations as well as receiving more complex orders from customers as you purchase additional toppings along the way. It really gives a sense of progression. My issues are that the game's "story" (yes it has one) is pretty bare bones as its not really the main focus of the game, I wish they would've expanded on it just a bit more. Also the price for some upgrades, especially the topping buddies (which are 500$ each) lead to a pretty steep grind and could be lowered.

Good pizza great pizza review

I LOVE the animation and the look of the game! It did make me a little hungry but it’s ok.

A Perfect Game, Just Needs More Chapters

I love this game, the animation, writing, and format all make it extremely enjoyable and playable. I only wish there were more chapters, I’ve been in chapter two for a long time and it’s starting to get so repetitive that I find myself playing less and less. I’m confident that once chapter 3 is released it will have been well worth the wait, but I’m impatient haha. Seriously a great game tho, I’ve recommended it to tons of friends.


Whenever I get two pizza orders the game slides up even before I get to cut the second pizza

Fun but.......

The game is super fun I just hate that you pay like $50-$100 to get the toppings then it subtracts a certain amount for every single topping you put on the pizza? How the heck am I making profit if they make me pay for the toppings twice plus the customer. If it wasn’t like that 5 stars.

Back to 5 stars

The bugs have been fixed 🤗

Challenging but fun

Very funny and hard to remember sometimes what the heck these people want, kinda like I. Real life LOL


I give it10/10

It’s good

It’s good, but putting on toppings is hard on a phone


This game is reallly fun and I enjoy the concept of it

Amazing 😍 I’m in love

This is such a fun app! I play it more than any other app! All my friends have it too! This is an all ages game. My older sister plays it! I would play this game every hour. I’m already almost to day 10 and I just started 30 minutes ago, yeah that’s how much I’ve been playing it!


Love the cartoons




I’ve been playing this for two days now, but I love it! The only thing I’m asking is another game, for an example, “Good pie, great pie.” Something like that. Otherwise I would rate this game a 10/10!

Good pizza great pizza

I don’t get that much money and the short lady with the ponytail and brown jacket is really rude and why are the toppings so pricey and your getting this from a child imagine what teenagers and adults will say all I’m saying is make the customers less rude and don’t make decorations so pricey!!😡

Fix it up right now

This game does not give you information to have pepperoni or cheese or sauce!

Loved this game!

I’ve played this game a LOT for a couple of weeks now. It is cute and super addicting! My only critiques would be the story kind of just stops and I can’t figure out how long it will take to get to chapter 3 or if there is a chapter 3. I’ve bought almost every upgrade so the fun is kind of waning. Overall though I’ve really enjoyed this game and I love that you didn’t make me watch a bunch of ads to enjoy it. Thanks!

perfect for mentally ill/anxious friends

okay i seriously think this game was made for socially anxious people. this is literally the most calming app i have ever seen and all the interactions are incredibly positive and rarely negative and the game is never stressful, vs most time management games which will make anxious people uncomfortable. all the characters and art are cute and likable, which makes it even more calming. the music is nice and it’s very satisfying. i literally have never written a review, i just needed to say this cos i love this app so much.

Thank you developer

Thank you . I downloaded this game weeks after initial release . I reviewed it on my website and gave my feedback. The developer put my thoughts into the game and shortly after it became my favorite game. This dev listens to gamers and they do a great job.

Would recommend!

I usually get stressed out by these kinds of games because they rely on time but the process of making the pizzas in this game was sort of relaxing and the game is quickly addicting. The graphics are cute and the news stories are amusing to watch.

Love it

Love it

My thought on this game

This is the best mobile pizza game I have ever played I thought this would be boring but I regret saying that I’m glad I ran into this game.

Awesome pizza game

Since I’ve played this game i was like wow this game is awesome so this game should get a 5

Love it but

Love love love the game but why does the other man always hates your food

Progress reset after updating

I was on day 52 but after installing the new update it reset to day 1. If it weren't for how much I liked the game, I would have deleted it. Now I have to start over and all the limited valentines day items I had are gone. Disappointed big time :/

Can’t put this game down!!!!!!!

Honestly, this game is so entertaining!!!!!

Fun but...

There were many things I disliked very much. I disliked the fact that people ordered pizza without sauce or cheese. It was quite disgusting. I believe something that can be done to stop this, is either: 1. There are buttons like “ok” and “what” but what about adding a button called “sue” so that you can sue anyone that doesnt like cheese or sauce on pizza. 2. Adding a “no” button rather than “sue” 3. Creating their pizza but after they eat it, it would show some police officers come and either shoot him/her or just take them away. That is all, I do hope my advice is taken, so the game does not die or even worse be sued for making people sick.




Its beyond hard to build money and high inflation on prices.....just like the teal world

Can’t beat the timer

The pizza game is good but I can’t be fast to beat the timer!

Honest opinion

The game is great it keeps you entertained and is fun ton play and take coustemers orders

Is it just me or this hard?

I love this game, and the gameplay. But day 30 is pretty hard... they keep on taking my money and I’m making my pizzas really perfect and good. So can you please make the customers a little less easier to handle? Thanks

I love it

Omg I love this art style not only that but the way you have to read and understand to what they are trying to tell you. I do get confused sometimes but its ok cuz I learn from it. I hope that there will be more of this game. Like a update and upgrade of this version. Other then that I love it. Also I kinda wish that you can see people sitting on the tables and that the time where they lose their patient, I hope that like Tv can make them distracted a bit cuz sometimes I’ll be taking a bit long time re-reading on what they ordered. Its still good tho.

Great Review

This is overall an amazing game and I love making pizzas too. There is just one thing I don’t understand. It’s the people. They all talk weird or just blabber. It’s kind of annoying, come to think of it. But other than that, it’s a super fun game that I think everyone will enjoy. I mean come on, who dosen’t like pizza? I would totally give this an all star review. Oh! I almost forgot that there is one other tiny little thing I’m bothered by. It’s that everything is so expensive. Anyway, it’s still a good game, aside from those two things.


Love love love it! Hope for a chapter 3!

Favorite Game!!!

I LOVE THIS GAME! The Spongebob references, the Disney references, customer quirks and attitude! It really reminds me of my food service days and it’s so cute! It really does challenge you on memory and thinking outside the box, but gives you the option to easily ask for help with little penalty. I love the storyline! I hope the developers add new chapters and fun customer interactions. Maybe even toppings and tools! Great job!

Good but boring

It is at first fun but tends to get boring try adding some cool things plz

5 Stars

This game is so fun I have not put it down it has no adds so it’s not long wait to play I lovvvveeee ittttt so much u need to get it

How great this game is

This game is the best I’ve ever play

I love the game. Just a small glitch

I absolutely love this game. I’ve been obsessed with it for a long time. There’s a super small glitch. When I go to my reviews a lot of the pizza toppings aren't on the pizza. It’s nothing huge, but just a small glitch I wanted to share Incase you could fix it.


I have fallen in love with this game. The graphics are amazing and the customers’ order phrases are sometimes hilarious. The game needs some minor tweaks such as the happiness bar, it goes down 1% every second so maybe 1% every 2 or 3 seconds would be more reasonable. Besides the negative parts, the game is absolutely amazing!!

Play it!!

It’s so fun!!!😃

Awesome game!

I honestly thought this game wasn’t going to be that good, but when I played it it gave me so much inspiration! I love the creativity and love put in this game! It’s very unique!! All the character put into it was very entertaining and enjoyable! Everything is so well done! Get this game!! Anyway, I could never get tired of playing this game!!

Loving The Pizza

All the toppings are great and fresh! I really want some in real life

Luv, luv, LUV.

I love this game!! It’s so freakin’ cute!!! And there’s no added things to it!! You just make pizza!! The characters are so durpy!! If you don’t know what a durp is, ask a friend. LUV LUV LUV!!! 😍

Most addictive game I have

I found this game through iMessage (I wanted to give the stickers a try). I started playing it and immediately fell in love. I’ve been playing nonstop and I’ve only had the game for more than a day. The animation is adorable and I love the simplicity! Thanks for an amazing game! I’ll keep making good pizzas... wait no... great pizzas!

Sooooo Cute!

This game is fun, easy, and adorable! In the second chapter your restaurant gets Yelp reviews! It’s amazing and you should get it!


Awesome game I love it

How the game is

I love this game it is fun and really fun

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