Good Pizza, Great Pizza App Recensioni

Best cooking game

I’ve been addicted to this game,I can’t stop playing! It’s one of my favorite games. It’s simple but you have to put your mind into the orders. I’ve been looking for some games that weren’t boring and I found this I tried it and played for 2 hours straight! I love it!

Frustrating after Day 30

Frustrating. Deleted after a few weeks. Love the design and the concept but after a while it’s nearly impossible to make a pizza correctly without getting complaints about the topping spacing. No matter how careful and deliberate you are, it’s a parade of refunds. Felt like a waste of time at that point. Great concept though- fun while it lasted!

Good game great game

This is the best cooking simulator ever I love how you have to buy the ingredients and every time you us them it cost money if I could rate this game 10 stars I would

What happened!?

I was loving this game but ever since the last update, this game has become impossible to play. The customers are never satisfactory, and even if they are they give hardly any tip now. I’ll make a pizza perfectly, with all the correct toppings with the perfect amount arranged perfectly according to the guideline and the customers will still complain that I didn’t give them enough toppings or that the toppings are uneven. What is going on with this game!? I really don’t want to uninstall it but it’s become so frustrating.


I really like this game but the only thing I don’t like is that it’s a little challenging and sometimes I hate it for a lot of reasons you don’t want to know why


Yeeesssssssssss!!!!!!! This app is awesome!!! Although some of the after-comment thingys by the costomers are incorrect. I don’t blame the creators tho👌

Extra tips?

I love, love, love this game, but what happened to the extra tips button?

Fun game

This game is a fun game because you make a pizza and I love making pizza it inspired me because sometimes you want to make a pizza but you don’t have the stuff you can just go on this game

What I think about the game

Pizza is a very fun game, but I feel like there should be more to it, maybe have delivery, so you would have to drive a car to people’s house in the game, and you can pick, which job to do.

The best

This is the best game I’ve ever played it’s amazing

Top notch

Super low key and enjoyable. The animations and drawing style are both adorable but also highly well done. I constantly find myself coming to the App Store and looking for games with a similar feel and I have yet to find many. Lots of love, big fan.

Unexpected in a good way

When I downloaded this game, I thought there were only 3-5 free things, and everything else you had to buy, since it’s free and all. That’s when this game took me by surprise. You don’t need to buy anything with real money in order to play the game. It is awesome how you are in a competition with another restaurant. I think you should add bills to pay. You should also be able to deliver pizza by hiring someone to deliver the pizzas. Thank you for having the time to read this.


This game is great. It does not ask for ratings. Good pizza Great pizza!


It a bad game

❤️😍I’m in love!

This is an amazing game, but the profit is kinda eh... But it is also fun. And if anyone sees this some of the stuff is kinda expensive and never do an oil repair or u will haft to pay 20 bucks. Thanks💖


I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for a bug that causes my perfect orders to get an haha oops, or less than perfect response even though I didn’t mess their orders up, every time. Also there’s another bug to where I’ll put all of the toppings on, and sometimes the customer will report that all of them are on one side or they’re super messy even though they’re in perfect order.

Best game ever

This game is really fun. I recommend this app to everyone! I play it everyday.

Good Pizza


Love it but have some problems

I love this game and use it as a way to pass time. The art style is adorable, the customers are very diverse, and it has a fun storyline..... but the newest update is causing some frustration. Customers are too picky about the placement of toppings and are now leaving more ratings and are no longer giving tips, even though their pizzas are perfectly made. Also the wording of many orders are very confusing and it is hard to tell what they want on their pizzas without having to click “What?” over and over. Some suggestions that I have for a future update are: -To lax how picky customers are with the placement of toppings - Adding a recipe book to reference when customers give difficult orders to avoid lowering the customer’s patience - Having the order sheet visible when creating the pizza to avoid having to constantly click on it to check the order I think that these suggestions will make gameplay much better 🙂

Love it

I absolutely love this game. I really can’t think of a way for it to be any better. ❤️


Ad free and awesome game


The game is so much fun to play with..

A new review

I previously left a review and talked about how great this game is. I still share that sentiment! However, after the newest update, suddenly my customers were more disappointed with my pizzas and I got worse reviews. What is the cause of this?? Nothing about my gameplay has changed, and I’m confused and frustrated. I LOVE this game, but if my gameplay is suffering, I may have to hold out until it’s fixed :(

Zen!! Game heaven...

Peaceful, perfect game!! Cannot wait to see the game grow and have more to purchase/ change. Thanks for the best game ever!!

Awesome App! 🍕 ➡️ 😋👍

I've been searching for an app like this one forever! Not too many adds like other cooking games I've played in the past, but still enjoyable. Usually those types of games also require you pay to get to higher levels and only allow you to do like 30 min. worth of playing time. My only suggestion would be possibly adding sides to please customers with as well as pizza. You could make it so players could do only pizza in the first chapter, then in chapter 2, pay (with money earned in the game) to unlock side dishes like breadsticks or drinks. Thanks for an awesome game and for taking time to read my suggestions! Keep up the good work!! 😉


It’s ok I think it needs to be more fun it’s kinda boring like add some mini games or something

The Topping “Helpers”

This is a huge problem. The topping helpers are supposed to help making pizza’s an easier and faster function. You would assume that the “helping” would extend to cost efficiency, but you’d be wrong. At first I bought the sauce helper. It helped with efficiency and such but I noticed that it started costing me about 5 dollars per pizza and the customers are only charged 10.00 for a normal pizza with one topping. Thats what customer’s usually order. However, I was still able to make a steady profit. The real problem came when I bought the cheese helper. Profits plummeted. I was making like $300 in revenue but only 125 in profits because for every average pizza I made i was spending 10 dollars on just sauce and cheese. That just seems ridiculous to me! I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but I just want to see a workable solution to this. For example, how about being able to fire the helpers. At the current moment I can’t think of any other way, other than making it cheaper but that doesn’t seem very realistic and I do appreciate the realism of this game. Thank you!

Another pizza box design

Love the Game you guys should add a pride pizza box 🦁🦁👌🏼☺️☺️


It’s perfect

Realistic game

The game makes you believe that your really have a restaurateur and I just love the concept

Awesome! But...

This game is awesome but it could have lower prices for supplies ,maybe 15 or 20$😉😎😃

Pizza semulator

I love your game

Not good

I know some people think that this app is good it negatively takes your money and does not give you full payment in the game I don’t like the game


I have not had any problems with this app! I would definitely recommend this app to everyone I know!


This game is great and soooooo fun I can play it all day literally all the characters are so nice and weird and I love the pizza news thing the characters are also CUTE SO CUTE go tell your friends about this game know Anyways thanks for reading 🤗

Good Game, Great Game

Love this game. The large cast of characters and writing has lots of variety which adds to the realism. The arch rival across the street is a great way to tutor us the basics of gameplay. I don’t like the way we’re supposed to place the toppings... Maybe instead of perfect placement it could be scored according to equal numbers of toppings per slice or something.


I just wanna say it’s PIZZA-TASTIC! That was my pizza quest,thank u

Cool game

Makes time go by!

This is The Best Game! But I’m asking of one thing...

I LOVE this game sooooo much! It’s just I want one more thing to be added: I want to be able to go back to the front desk to ether take another order,or to check on how the current customer is doing. This game is so fun and addictive and the best part is I have have seen NO signs of adds! I DEFINITELY ask you to consider getting this app. The game developers really deserve it!

Awesome pizza

I love pizza! Pizza is amazing! It is so yummy. I had so much fun!

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Tristynn 🦄

I hate thisGame it is so stupid and it’s like I cast too many ads and I just hate to see you play tonight I hate it so much I mean just like has too much of you and dumb I just don’t like it so that’s why am that’s why I don’t play this so I just delete it that’s why I say thatIt’s just stupid I’m done with this game I’m giving this zero stars but one star better not make any more games about this one because whoever made this game is stupid

Dope a** game guys

Its lit


Worth playing

It is not that good

It is always bothering me when I am doing something and it is horrible to

Soooo cute!!!

I love this app so much! The animation and graphics are so adorable. I love how they also subtract costs from the profit for rent and supplies too! I totally recommend this app if you are looking for a cute and sweet game to play!

Don’t get this app

This app will make sure you go bankrupt and fail unless you can read and make before the person say there order you will be sure to not achieve a successful “order” unless you plan only giving them a dot of toppings.

Love it

I love to play this game I love the appearance of it and how there’s a bit of a story but I wish there were more decorating options

You Wanna 🍕 Me?

Haha. In all honesty, this game is incredibly fun. The art is unique and the game gets a bit confusing and frustrating at times but it sure provides lots of entertainment when you're bored. Cheers, 5 stars.


I love this game that I play it everyday I recommend it to my friend and we love it it so easy and is so challenging get this game

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