Good Pizza, Great Pizza App Reviews

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Pizza pizza

😛 this game is so fun I think that the critical comments are so rude this game is so much fun I don’t know anybody who would enjoy it I’m so happy about this new app I think it’s kind of annoying that you have to pay for the toppings but otherwise it’s a lot of fun and really addicting I think that everybody should get this game😁 and everybody should enjoy it because it’s really really fun 😋😋😋But I really don’t like that of the customers sound weird

amazing app

This app is so good! I love the feeling that I am in a restaurant and cooking a delicious 🍕.I would recommend getting this app!

Best Pizza game ever

Better than Papa’s pizzeria lots of challenges to make de pizza very nice and friendly game I Recommend you to play it


I played my grandson’s pizza game while waiting for an appointment. Then one of the characters was wearing a hijab. I deleted the app. No hijabs, no burqas, no propaganda to children that normalizes a violent religion that treats women like cattle. 👎🏼

Good app, great app!

This app is a great time killer, I actually enjoy it. There’s not any adds playing really, only adds if YOU WANT TO watch them for upgrades, money etc. the art style is very cute and slice of life! Along with soothing colors. I’m in love with the diversity there’s old, kids (if you’re lucky, there’s a little girl who asks for pizza for $5, if you are nice, later on she gives you twenty dollars dollars!), causal, and even a homeless man, which you can give free pizza to (or say no, you wanna be a insensitive, rude jerk) :) All I need to say is good app, great app!

Good game, Great game 😜

Great game. But my only complaint is that you cannot zoom in. Downloaded it on phone but screen is too small to put pep and saw

Instructions not clear

I like this game, and the only thing I don’t like is that it’s making me feel like an idiot. A women asked “ I want just pep on one side and sauce on the other half, that’s exactly what I did, then she got mad because there was no cheese, SHE DID’NT ASK FOR CHEESE, how is this my fault, she failed to clearly tell me what she wanted and then blamed me, I get it that it’s part of the art concept that they talk short like “ pep “ but for starters, that makes no sense

Fun Game!

I love this game! Easy and fun to do, I love how you have to earn your money to buy toppings like a normal pizzeria :) super fun, no expenses, 10/10 👌🏼

Need new update

Hi i was about giving you 5 but now I’ve decided to delete the game although i was playing it for more than 2 months it was interesting at first and i was so excited to get money for upgrades but after i make most of upgrades i feel it became so boring and there’s nothing new ,so I suggest that opening new restaurant receiving new customers may adding new topping Wish you all the best guys

Not evenly distributed?

I have the automatic topping thing and the costumers keep complaining about the topping not being "evenly distributed". I tried to do everything I can but it's keeps popping up 😭. Please fix this. Overall it's a great game 4.5/5.

Great game

This game is awesome I just downloaded it because I used to have it on my old iPad but it broke and now it is even better I have been playing for hours must download


So fun and addicting!!!

I helped make this game dudes

I helped make this game 🤗it actually pretty hard in the beginning but you start makeing money


The best game ever even played in my entire life I am so addicted to it I can’t stop playing

Too hard

I would not recommend this. 1. Every time I add toppings, all my money goes away. 2. You really need to lower down the prices to buy things. 3. Its too hard to put on toppings without messing up. I mean it says 4+ its more like 16+!!! My 6 year old finds this very inconvenient. I am deleting this. This is a hard NO.


Les pizzas devrai être plus chères la progression devrai être plus rapide et de enfin il devrai y avoir loin de perte (qu ne les clients sont pas satisfait il ne reprennent pas leurs fric )


My friend requested this game to me and I feel in love with it ever since. For it's cute graphics to it's fun gameplay It's just the game I was looking for. Maybe you could a feature where you a customize your chef character. Once again FABOOSH GAME! Keep up the great work!

Excellent! But!

It would have been easy if we could earn money more fast ! I mean it’s pretty tough to earn money! And when we use topping it becomes less


Lamest game ever!

Money Bug

I like this game a lot. The interactions are very cute and entertaining, there’s various options for personalizing your shop and your game, and it has story. However, I am constantly robbed of money. I’ll start the day with 50 dollars, make at least 80, and end up with 60 dollars at the end of the day. My money is constantly going up and down which is extremely frustrating. Is this part of the game? Am I dumb or is this a problem?

Good Game, Great Game, PERFECT GAME!!!!!!

This game is amazing! I like how some customer orders are very clever, where you have to think outside the pizza box to satisfy your customers. (See what I did there?) Some customer orders are straightforward, and some are very confusing and frustrating, which makes me want to write the pizza orders on a sheet of paper, but it’s alright. A game about pizza was one of my dreams, and you made that dream true! (To be clear, pizza delivery games are boring. They’re just delivery games. If mail delivery games existed, then they would be the same thing, with the same concept as the pizza delivery games.) This game has a story, it makes the delicious pizza part of the game stand out much more than ANY, and I say ANY of the pizza delivery games. This game makes you place the sauce, cheese, and one or some or all the toppings on the pizza on your own. I LOVE how I have to place the toppings equally on each slice! (Shouldn’t real life pizza restaurants work this way?) “Good Pizza, Great Pizza”, is an astonishing game, maybe the best game yet! The reason why this game is not on the top 50 best free games is WAY beyond me. (App Store) If possible, I would rate this game 7 to 8 pizzas out of 5 pizzas! (Chapter 3, with more toppings, with different types of sauce and cheese, CONFIRMED?)


Lol the customers are a little harsh tho

Good Pizza Great Pizza Amazing Game

This game is so fun!! People actually give honest answers on my cooking!!

Great Game!

I love the way its very minimalistic. It reminds me of the game Florence. Its also a great time killer. I play this every time I have freetime. Keep Improving!

Perfect game

All the cooking games don’t let us do the work for food but this one lets us do everything


خلوها بالعربي

best game ever!

at first, i thought this would be the same old cliche cooking game and was hesitant to get it. then, i saw that MANY of my friends had the game, and they would play it every single day and they were obsessed with it! so i got the game to try out and see what the craze was all about, and omg lemme tell you, THIS IS NOT LIKE OTHER COOKING GAMES. the animation style is ADORABLE, and it has a cute little story line! i love how customers will react to how well you place your toppings or how well you slice the pizza, and overall the game is so addicting but so so cute and fun! love love love love it!!


I like this game because it is about cooking. I love cooking games.

What I think

The costumers are very confusing and rude and that guy in the beginning is so mean to me I was actually hurting inside my soul😔😔 I guess I should just pack up 🎒 and punch him on the way out🤛 but I guess other than that I really love it 😍 thank you 🙏🏽


This game is so fun and simple, and has cool customization options! I would love more rainbow decorations, like the rainbow pizza box!

It can get confusing

I really like this game, the graphics are cute and the animation style and color pallet is so satisfying to me, it’s fun to make little pizzas and overall it’s a relaxing and entertaining game. However, the orders are confusing sometimes, like a customer I served yesterday said MOO as his order and I had to ask him what that meant and it brought his happiness down 20%. Also if someone asks for a pizza with more than one topping, they’re never happy about how it turns out, no matter how much of a topping you put on it, like I put what you wanted on the pizza so be happy! I just find that part of the game frustrating and it would be nice if the customers could be a bit less picky and more nice and then I would definitely give this game 5 stars.

Order Board is Not What I Thought It Would Be

I just purchased the upgrade so I can see customer orders. However, all the ticket is is the same conversation we had at the counter. I really thought it would be something like: pepperoni, mushrooms, double bake, cut in fourths. Had I known, I’d have saved my money.


Worst game ever

I can’t get in...

I don’t know what the game is like in the game exept when I tap on the game icon it lets me on your company title for a few seconds and them puts me to my homepage...Why is that like that? Please respond to me I really need help on getting into this game 😒

Good but

I love this game in all but it takes away my money at some points I have had the same money amount for like two weeks and that is annoying so Chang that that is just plan annoying

Awesome app

So worth everything

Add some breadsticks

Add some breadsticks and dip plus new sauce with a drink! But you don’t have to because I still love it!


Gets boring very quickly

Hours of playing review..

Okay, after hours of playing this game, I’m in love. No really, it was meant to be. I LOVEEE the real world situations in the game, the homeless man, the little girl. I just love it (even the creepy guy that made me buy locks.) I don’t love the prices of everything, they’re really high for how much money you make a day. But it also makes it more authentic! 4 Stars because I can’t for the life of me put toppings on perfectly. That parts difficult for my chubby fingers. UPDATE: changing my review to a 2. The first “30” game days were fun! The next “30 game days got progressively boring.. there’s really no person Interaction like the first 30 days. The guy across the street is gone and a cult moved in, which had no interesting story line.. I miss the curve balls, homeless man stories, the little girl who couldn’t pay for her the pizza so you had to decide to turn her away or not. Now I’m just bored and will most likely uninstall. Needs a WAY better story line.

Isabel Rosado

I absolutely am addicted to this pizza simulator game! It is a great time-killer, and I could spend hours playing this. The graphics are amazing and I love how you feel like you’re running your own business. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes cooking games!! 👍

Woooo!! Make more

This game is absolutely great. There should be more games made in this style with other foods, like burritos or cupcakes or something. All i know is there needs to be more games like this game and its style

Good pizza great pizza

I got this game recently and loved it, I’ve been searching for a game like this for a while and was happy to find this. I have just played day 30 and it has gotten significantly hard. The costumers have been asking for supreme Duluxes and other random things. When I cook it I don’t know what to put on the pizza so they get mad when I get back with something they don’t want because they don’t tell me. Also, some costumers will ask for a pepperoni pizza and tell me after that’s there’s no sausage that they wanted on it. Other than this I love this game, keep it up!


I think this game is fun awesome and educational


The game is amazing I’m sure that it’s on PC but this game is great you should get this if you love pizza and if you like cooking so I would recommend it to a friend :)

I love it!

In my opinion, it’s the best pizza cooking game in the App Store! The animation is so cute and it’s really addicting👏👏💓

Lost all my progress

Why? Why? Is it due to a name change? What did I do to deserve this. I had finally made it to chapter two. Please. Send help.


It’s addicting in the good way!This makes me want to eat pizza...

Nice job!

This game is pretty good when I was a beginner I kept getting bankrupt.But now I’m doing pretty good!


...This has the cartoon graphics, which is awesome! If you like to cook or want to know how to cook, or if you love pizza please play this amazing game✌🏻. 2,000,000,000 likes👌🏻

Needs better work

Stupid game. I’ve never heard of where a person orders a pizza on the Game with sauce only but no cheese. That’s not a pizza. In real life a pizza has always sauce and cheese and whatever toppings.

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