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Pizza game

This is app is really fun and I could play this game all day if I could that is why I rate this a five star

So much fun!!!

So simple, yet so fun! I love it.

The pizzeria.

I love this game because it’s making me hungry.

Good pizza game, best pizza game

I’ve only just begun playing and I’m in LOVE with this game! Simple, easy to learn mechanics, cute as hell artstyle, perfect amount of upgrades and collectables, this game is perfect to pick up whenever I need to relax for some time. Best pizza game I’ve ever played! 💕


I love the update but I want the 3 counters back! It’s so much more quicker with 3 also more challenging.

Hate this game

When I got this game would near Have any money of this game and a lot of stuff in the store is super expensive and if you need fix you oven you cant and if you need to buy something you can’t so that is why I HATE this game


Fun game but how do you make a perfect pizza for these ungrateful customers 🤣🤣

New update confusion!

This is a very entertaining pizza making game! I just did the update this morning and, at first, I thought that when you clicked on the picture of an item to buy you could no longer see its placement in your particular store. I discovered when you click on the price, it takes you to another window where it does show you how the item will look in your store BEFORE you have to do the final purchase. At first, I had thought that you had to actually buy the item with your pizza earnings in order to see how it would look, and then, if you didn’t really like the look, you were just out the money. This is a little confusing to those of us who have been used to clicking on the picture to see how the item would appear in our stores and tapping on the $ amount to finalize the purchase. Anyway, I recommend this game!

Good but..

The gameplay is great, it’s a fun time killer that can be very addicting at times but after I switched phones all my progress was erased, including the currency that I bought

Wider Counter????

Before the update, I was able to have 3 pizza spaces at a time and now only 2 again? I’m very confused. Can you make it 3 again please? It makes it harder to do the 3 pizza orders


this game is so amazing. great job ❤️


It needs more things to do like also a cake buessness

great indie design yet fun 2012 type game!!

i love this so much! the design is beautiful but it isn’t the main focus of the game!! It’s like papas pizzeria, but stylized. i’ve been trying forever to find an adorable, funny, aesthetically pleasing game that isn’t SUPER story based and is a repetitive game. this just feels like a perfect combo.


I love the game. I am at like day 60 and I just got the eggplant things and I am a little confused on what to do with them. Do I consider it a vegetable? Do I put it on all the pizzas that request vegetables? Is anybody actually going to request eggplant specifically? Please write back because I can’t find the answer anywhere else. (Still love love love this game)

Amazing, 🙂but need more creativity

More toppings, actually seeing people eat the the pizza, might make me love it more.

Very nice game!

It’s really nice to play a game like this. Would you consider my idea to make a game like this about cake shop? It will be enjoyable as well. Keep up the good work 😄👍


Some of the orders are very confusing to understand 😡

Chapter 3

I love this game so much I’m addicted but once in awhile it gets kinda boring doing the same orders, so what I would like is for another chapter! With maybe even new toppings or what drink they could have. And more characters in the mix, like the saucesayers but even better they can be the top high class or we can feed pets or like I said drinks! Food should come with drinks right? Especially pizza or OR y’all could put CHICKEN WINGS! There’s so much things you can add that can make this game even BETTER! So please at least take one of these or multiple of these suggestion into a update, cause I would really love that.

Amazing Game

It’s so simple, yet such high quality. It’s semi-educational, but so much fun!!! I love the high-quality sounds. Also, this game is not as stressful as some cooking games are. It’s a fun way to feel like you’re starting a business. Thank you for making a wonderful app! P.S. Do NOT play this is you’re hungry! 😅😂😂


This game is fun, you know why? It’s the best mobile cooking game. Well, at least for pizzas. This game has a lot of different pizza toppings to put on. You can serve customers (obviously) And, you can change your pizzeria’s style! For example : decorations. Wallpaper, floor, etc. For me, I’ll say that this is the best cooking game I have in my device. It’s so much fun I can’t describe how much. If I could, I’ll rate it 10 stars! Now, the customers are funny for me, because some of them give some funny clues which really cheers me up. And they’re kinda hilarious. Like “DING DONG” That’s a bell pepper pizza! “MOO” That’s an onion, mushroom and olive pizza! Honestly, my favorite pizza in this game will be Mushroom, onion, pizza! I’m really glad I found this game, when I first found it I though it was just like other boring cooking games. But then when I see the video and the reviews, it didn’t seem bad at all! So I was like why not give it a try? And EVER since, I never stopped playing this game. Now I’m on like chapter 67 or something, If your reading this, I think you should get this game. In my opinion it’s the best. And yeah. I hope this game adds more awesome stuff! I’m always excited to play this game, have a lovely day. Bye! 💛

Doesn’t allow for music to be playing

Cuts off anything playing in the background. This can be annoying when the in game audio gets repetitive. Otherwise great :)

The amazing pizza

This game is really good I love it .

A must have mobile game.

Im not much of a game person, but this game is so incredibly good! The graphics are so cute and well made, along with the sounds and music. It has such a wonderful storyline as well, along with rivals, secret cults you have to watch out for and even get reviews on your pizzas! Such a thoughtful process into making it can be seen. You must download this game fr

Love the animation

The art style is great! Love the aspect of the game!

After a while, it gets boring

I feel like I am making these stupid pizza over and over again. Even I did everything right, these bastard still won’t be happy! Just want to ask them to F off! And also, the stupid ads are just way too long. I am having enough pizza.


This game is cool and fun to play the problem is when they talk and say ZA I didn’t know it meant pizZA pep and cheese but the game is still cool play it! It’s for free so... what are you doing with your life? COME ON!!


Вы крутые

Love it

Dear creator, It haves some difficulties but I love it I love how all the people look so funny and how they talk I’m really happy that this game exists I keep on losing money but that’s my fault because my pizza backing skills are bad even though I make pizzas at home I really love this game and I will love a part two


This game is way too simple and boring. I mean, all you’re doing is making simple pizza and sticking them in the oven! Like, that’s it? What else? This game definitely needs new and cooler features. It’s fun for a few seconds, and then I want something else. New features, better game.


Mas o menos se las recomiendo un poco Pero si les recomiendo ROBLOX y fornite

Great game

I love everything about this game. I love games like this because it is really fun and it has no WiFi. I would prefer this game for someone who loves coking games. I also love the story line.

Good game great game 😁

I love this game! I finished it becoming the best pizza maker ever! Highly recommend! 🍕

Best game ever! Just one thing though.

This is the best game I ever played and it’s addictive I can’t stop playing it! But just one thing I think is needed is…more toppings please thanks love ya :)

Almost perfect

From art to sound design, this game nails it. The only thing nagging me is when i play an ad and the music from the ad keeps playing after exiting the ad which is very annoying.

No improvements needed but they are always welcome

This is the perfect way to do a game like this, I love the style, the humor, the story bits and how it plays. I really like the challenge of the orders being trick question styled and speed and accuracy to give the best service and receive the most tips you can. I hope this game, like the great pizzas I create, never ends! (I also see those GG references and barry himself it seems) I havent tested the new update yet but last I checked when turning off the sound in the game I still wasnt able to play my podcasts in the background, a must for me please.🍕💛👌🏻

The game is terrible overall

Why developers why????!!!! This would be a great game if 1. The happiness meter goes down by the second and you USE MORE MONEY THAN YOU MAKE LIKE SERIOUSLY? How am i supposed to get any upgrades or new toppings and also the wierd orders like one half cheese no sauce and the other no topping and sauce seriously? Please change your game devs and i will give this game a 5 star if i like it. Please fix the happiness meter, wierd orders and using money just for sauce and dough and toppings and please just take out the rent part like 10.00 of rent FOR EACH DAY SERIOUSLY? I was in a the negatives and couldnt get even more than ten dollars on tips PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME DEVS

Great Game, Awesome Game

I downloaded this game, AND LOVED IT!! I love how the customers give such creative orders (For example: I would like one pepperoni pizza with half sauce, half cheese, and no sausage.) I originally saw this app on Apple’s App Of The Day category, and thought that it looked interesting. I was right! This game is enjoyable, and addictive! I played it for an hour straight once! I hope that if you read this review, you will download this game. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. Happy customer, Ecstatic customer.


Great app

This game makes me sooo hungry!

I might be a pizza cooker when I grow up. I have many jobs to think lol


Just get it already

Could use some updates

I can't get past day 36 because of the sauce sayers or whatever you call them. Please read all of this so you know what I mean. First of all I gave them the exact pizza they ordered and I still didn't pass. I tried 15 times and I still didn't pass so I got really mad and I haven't played in a while still haven't passed so please fix this problem please. Sincerely, Pizza lover AKA Elena

Good burger great burger

You should make a burger game like this called good burger great burger

Day 98!

I’ve been playing this game for quite a long time now, as you can see by the title of this review. I know a lot of other reviewers said they got bored after Day 30, but the graphics, quirky animation, and fun features of the game really have kept me hooked! I love that the game progresses basically without ads, it makes gameplay feel truly immersive. I keep playing and eagerly awaiting a new chapter, I can’t wait to see what else the game has to offer.

This is great

I really loved this game to begin with but when I got the Spongebob joke it just sealed the deal. Thanks guys 😂😂

great game

The graphics are good and every thing it’s a really good game and is pretty challenging I love this game alot

Good game, great game!

I love this game so much that l want to buy a pizza to share it with the pizza in the game!


Hey! I love this game it’s super great! But when the costumers ask for vegetarian pizza! I make one but they get upset cuz I don’t put cheese on it! But it doesn’t make sense cuz vegetarians don’t eat cheese :/ if they asked for veggie then I’ll put cheese on it but, vegetarian pizza please fix that please! I bet it’s confusing a lot of people. Thanks

I H8 this app! THIS APP IS 🤬



Love this game but really repetitive and it’s getting a bit boring. Needs more characters and story.

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