Good Pizza, Great Pizza App Reviews

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Perfect game for all ages

I love love love this game so does my sister and my friend and I would like to tell all of you that haven’t downloaded it go download it right now cause this a perfect game

This game gives me that alligator jiggling fever

Awesome, beautifully drawn game! My only recommendation is to fix the bug where if you hit pause and go onto another app, the game glitches and the screen turns black and you have to re-launch the app and you lose all of your progress. But otherwise, this is one of my favorite games!

Love this!

Adorable graphics, cute storyline, and realistic! Warning- addictive!

Elysia’s Amazingly Fabulous Incredibly Game App Review!

I Soo Way Beyond Extremely Really Very Much Love This Game, Because It’s Soo Way Beyond Extremely Really Very Easy To Play, And I Could Play It All Day Long If I Wanted To Play It!!!!!!!!!!

So near perfect

This is the cutest most relaxing game I have ever played and I love it. It is my favorite game and I'm so happy to see a second chapter was added. If I had to pick a fault I'd say I'd like to see a little more. Maybe some different sizes or something, or two customers at once. But really, it doesn't even need it. I'd love more chapters in the future though!

Best game in the universe:3

Thank you tapblaze for all you do I believe you deserve a big thank you.I play your games at breakfast even in the shower I don't care about charging the battery power.Every where I go I play your best game it's not even money money pizzas severed to here's the big news I'm in chapter two.this is a poem and a thank you note to I wish you were famous and your company to.Im a kid don't judge or else I will delete your game and enjoy chocolate fudge.thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you soooooooooooo muuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhh!:3


This game is awesome

Fun game download it 😜

This is soo fun!! I just wish they didnt take money away for using the store products ❤️❤️

So addictive

There is no other game I play than this one

update please

need more levels! love it

Great pizza! Great game!

I love this game! Hooked. Also craving pizza now for some reason! I absolutely love the art!! LOVE THE ART SO MUCH!! ❤️🍕❤️ There should be an upgrade where you can name your shoppe. 🙂

Get this

So I recently started working at Blaze Pizza (funny, I know) and honest to god this game helped me already know how to slice and top pizzas correctly. My bosses were impressed with how quickly I was able to get the hang of making and sending off a pizza, and I didn't have the heart to tell them it was all from a phone app! The same goes with understanding how toppings vs cost to us works! It's a great, cute game that will help you with more than just passing the time. The only two complaints I have are that it takes a long time to upgrade things, and chapter 3 isn't out yet. Overall, thank you Good Pizza, Great Pizza for allowing me to be good, great at my new job!

What I want

I like but I wish it could have more toppings and I don’t like when you don’t get it and you have to put what your money gets down but that all

Day 50 Steward’s challenge?

I do everything he asks and I still don’t do a right pizza, I even researched online about what to do and it seems to work for other people but not to me? Is it a bug? Already solved it, thank you!

Amazing game

You can really feel the hard work the devs put into this game and its a great feeling!! So fun and addictive

What an incredibly fun game!

When I got this game I was not expecting much. But I was surprised! This game has fun mixed with humor mixed with actual business! This game is awesome, and I love the customer interaction.

Very fun, and addictive!

Good pizza, great pizza is a very fun and enjoyable game which features a lot a adorable characters. Watch out! It can become very addictive, and it’s super fun to play if you have some free time. I definitely recommend this to someone who’s looking for a new mobile game too play.


This game is really cool there is so many ways to get extra money by doing nice things it is vary fun and good for all ages

Too addictive

I cant stop playing 😣I wish I could stop but it is that good

Pizza game

I think this game is really fun i suggest this game to people that need to pass time or just want to play a game that never gets old to me it never will get old. I just got it an hour ago and I have been playing it the hole time till my phone went dead on me. 😂

Good Pizza Love Pizza 💙

I love this game and it makes me want to eat pizza. This game is challenging at the beginning but once your out of bankruptcy you began to have fun. The toppings are fun. The customers make me laugh about what they say about the pizza. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕


Kid is mean

Best. Game. Ever.

I’m totally addicted GET THIS GAME NOW OMG

Loving it so far!

Great game! I hope it stays that way.

A great game!

Haven’t come across a game quite like this. You definitely have to put your mind to it and pay attention a bit. The customers all word their orders differently, a fantastic touch of realism! No bugs, no ads getting in the way, chill music. I find it quite relaxing and fun. ☺️

Great for passing time

This game is one of the greatest games I’ve ever downloaded for free!! I love the story line and that everything is in your control. I recommend this game 100% if you’re looking for something new and fun.

I love it!!

So I got this game because I was really bored in the doctors office, and I fell in love with it. It’s such a great game to play. The customers are funny and the pizza is limitless. Great game!!!

It’s really fun

The art style is really cute and the customers leave nice reviews that make you feel better then you “rival” is also kind of mean but in a funny way I’d recommend this to anyone who likes cooking games

Good fun, Great fun!

Very well thought out and executed. You won’t be disappointed. I’m totally hooked!


If this game was taken by a fire breathing turtle I would search every mushroom filled castle to find it.

I like it but

When thay say only pepperoni at the end thay say thay want cheese what a trick. And thay say ze what does ze mean I whot recumend this try animal jam is real fun

Love this game but....

I think you should add more toppings and more chapters also I would love if you made more games like a different kind of restaurant

Day 36

This was fun until day 36 stewards challenge. No matter what I do I can’t get past day 36! It’s getting annoying! I hit what? And I litterally did exactly what they said and more a million times

New story?

Any new stories coming out?


This game is a real challenge, and it is really fun. You have to pay for everything, which gives you an idea of having a real pizza shop.

Creative and REALISTIC!

I’m in LOVE with this game!😂🙌🏻✨It’s so awesome! I love how the reactions/payments of the customers vary upon how picky they are and how un-picky they are. For example (keep in mind these aren’t exact quotes): “Well, I guess I can take this” VS “How could you sell a pizza that is missing this much [topping]!” Every single character is different and they all have unique looks to them! The app itself is literally so realistic because of the way the people talk and how unspecific people can be when it comes to orders. I mean, clearly it’s over exaggerated just a bit, but that’s what makes the app hilarious 😂The writing is amazing, the sound effects are definitely clever, and just everything about it is so CRE-A-TIVE! 10/10 app! Haven’t been this happy with an Apple game in a really long time😂😂💕💕💜

Awesome game

I love this game! U should so download this game! 😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩

I love this game

5 stars


I was dealing with a glitch a couple months ago so I was told to uninstall which caused me to restart at day 1 (I had been on day 100+) Just now I went to play my game (back to day 40 something) and it was on day 1 again! The game itself is fun but I just completely uninstalled again. I’ve invested too much time to keep starting over every time there is a glitch.

Great game

I love this game! It’s simple and doesn’t try to over do anything. You’re also not bombarded with ads every time a screen changes. All that being said, if I had a wish list, it would be having a little more challenge/story to it. Small goals to strive for. I’m up to day 121 and have already purchased all of the extra toppings and their “buddies”. So making the pizzas takes no real effort, which is fine, but it does make me crave some small goals to strive toward. I can no longer strive to just make an acceptable pizza. Regardless, I still love the game and play it more often than I care to admit! Great development!


I keep going bankrupt and I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. And I market like 12 pizzas a day and earn 7 dollers a day!

gets boring

this game is so fun in the beginning but after a while it starts to get boring because of the same requests over and over. I feel like there should be more variation added or even create other games with different foods

You can’t even eat the pizza, what’s the point of it???

YOU CANNOT EVEN EAT THE PIZZA!!! This is outrageous! Plus, their orders are just RIDICULOUS. WHO ASKS FOR JUST DOUGH, and WHO RELEASES BEARS IN A RESTAURANT IN SPITE OF A SILLY RIVALRY??? Overall, this is an amazing game. 10/10!

Charming, heartwarming.

Simple game, but the art, writing, and addition of little details make this so nice to play. So much thought and inclusion put into the characters and story, ten thumbs up. It’s encouraging to see games like this pop up once in a while amidst the viral “tap-tap-addictive” games everywhere. Hope this can get ported to something like the Switch as a fleshed-out little indie game; it would do great. Hope the devs know they did amazing work! <3

I'm in love

this game is so, so cute and sweet. I love all the lil pop culture references and the customers' quirks. the graphics are just so, so lovely. it's such a delightful game, I can't get over it

Almost right

I have really been enjoying this game—there’s a lot of play value in it. I bought all the upgrades in the beginning and thought “Well that was short but enjoyable” and then a whole new storyline and upgrades became available! Yay! My only complaint is that the profit seems to decrease the more you play. If you follow the toppings guide or use the helpers to put toppings, it really starts to crimp into the profits and you barely make any money on orders with a lot of toppings. I’ve seen it earn just a dollar after the tip. That’s not very realistic for a pizza place to survive on. Plus if you make any error, you take a huge hit based on what you already spent on materials and the refund. That can really add up if it’s a larger order. I would love to see the profits increase—especially towards the end of the game as you are supposedly using better ingredients.

It’s so fun it’s like bobs burgers as a game super fun I rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ awesome


Perfect Game

I love this game! I downloaded it on a whim last night and it’s hard for me to put it down. I love how simple, yet engaging it is. In other food games, you just put the ingredient over the pizza and it automatically goes on. I like how you choose how to make the pizza, how to cut it, how many times to cook’s really unique. The characters are very interesting and I like how challenging it can be to figure out what they want. I like how realistic the game is in the sense that using ingredients costs money. I don’t have enough great things to say about this game. I could honestly sit and play it for hours.

Can’t stop playing!

This game is so amazing… I have not stopped playing it besides having to go to bed and not even to go to the bathroom actually I played on the toilet it’s so amazing! my dad this game he plays all the time like 24 seven and so I decided I have a game like that and it’s over amazing and you just HAVE to try it!!!

100 /100

this is the best game ever played in My life I loved it I you could give me some money in this so it would be better for me to buy toppings loved this game also the funny faces of costumer love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍🙂🙂💋💋

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