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It’s okay...

Pizza 🍕

I love this game so much it’s so hard putting it down. I give it a 100


This is a awesome game no glitches I LOVE IT

Why do you lose money when making the pizza

When you’re making a pizza you’re losing money idk why but you do this is why I don’t like the game I mean it makes no sense also after a day you have to pay for everything so I end up with2.00

Problems with the Game

This game was really fun and addicting. The problem is the customer's orders. Sometimes they are super hard to understand. For example a customer ordered a bell pepper and mushroom pizza and then he got angry when I gave it to him because he wanted pepperoni on it too. The orders need to be easier to understand. There is also a new update that made it absolutely impossible to spread out the toppings enough. No matter what I do it's never enough and the customers get angry.

Love It!

The art style is simply fabulous. I love how everything has this soft , but welcoming feeling. I love how it focuses on a realer aspect, like how an oven needs to be prepared, rent and such. It’s a really good game, and I think it needs to be downloaded on everyone’s devices !


Great game

Great game!

I love the game I just wish I could save my progress so that I could play on my phone and my iPad with the same progress on each one

One of the Best!!

this game is one of the best games +No premium currency +You can get everything by grinding +Story is good, challenging customers +Minimum ads, and they are helpful aloooot +Game design is amazing 10/10 rating

Amazing game!

I honestly love this game. At first I didn’t know much about it and it looked very simple. I soon got the hang of it and it became addicting! I hope to see more games like this from the developer! I especially love how you don’t have to spend real world money on stuff and random ads don’t pop up. This game is a full 10/10 and I would recommend it to everyone!

Unbelievable 🤪😱

The tips just got doubled after the latest March update!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much 😉

Adorable! ❤️ Love it.

Played this game for a while now on another device, but I downloaded it again on my main phone. And I just love the type of graphics/style. And it’s super cute and super easy controls. Your only using ur finger...yeah ur finger...that’s it. Anyways, I love this app, and love decorating. Definitely should get the app.

Awesome Game But Needs A Few More Things

I Love this game but I believe you should add more dialogue for the NPCs and more NPCs I sort of got tired of the usually costumers, anywho I also believe you should make another app just like this but with a different kind of food and genre i would totally get it if it’s from you guys!


I love simple cooking games and this one is perfect. The people are all funny and very positive, and the art is beautiful. I seriously recommend this app.


This app is amazing. The game play is easy and fun, it stays interesting for a long time, the ads are short, fair, and frequently provide tips for your pizzeria, altogether, AMAZINg!!

GreAt game

But sometimes it malfunctions


I made the mistake by deleting the app to make space on my device , why on earth did I do that . I was on chapter 34 . Now I have to start over z

Needs work.......

Well I liked it but I felt it really was not fun To high prices But you don’t make ANYTHING just pizza over snd over again BUT a good game when bored When I got the app=😀😎 Now=😒

Wow wow wow!!

This a fantastic game and I play everyday!! This game is so fun and cute. I wish I could give it 100 Stars 😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Definitely recommended!

Love this game

A bug was causing my game to crash and within a day I saw an update was released that fixed the issue. So great to have developers care about their game and respond so quickly! Such a fun & addicting game.

Love this game!

I got this game today and I’m already so addicted, please make more games like this!

A Great Simple But Nice Game

This is a really nice game! I love the character style and how it adds certain elements like paying rent and cost of toppings and such. The art style gives a nice and warm feel to it! Keep up the great game! I love it so far!


I like this game but there is one thing I hate about this game when you first start to play u barely make money and then you go bankrupt because u didn’t make enough money so u have to restart the game and then when you do have money your customers want more toppings and then those are to expensive ITS ANNOYING PLS FIX IT

Love the new update

Before this new update I would only play every once in a while because before it would take sooo long to get enough money for any upgrades or toppings, it was starting to get boring doing the same thing over and over and over just for 50 bucks profit everyday. Now with the new update u can watch an ad to make the over faster, people are tipping more money and my profits have doubled at the end of each day. I’m able to buy more upgrades sooner. Awesome update, I e been playing non stop since the change. Thank you for this game developers, y’all are doing great!

No cloud save?

I had to reinstall the game because it kept crashing and now my old save file is gone.


Best game ever you do have competition though so got to be fast on those pizzas 🍕

Not impressed

I love the game, definitely worth 5 stars. However I feel like I’m not making a lot of money I comparison to other people’s comments. I make every pizza perfectly and rarely have refunds.. but I only profit about $10-$15 a day. What am I doing wrong? I want to buy upgrades but it would say me weeks. Please help!!!?.!.?! (I posted a few times starting a month ago, and no response. Pretty disappointing considering I was willing to be a paying customer)

Latest Update

The latest update says it was supposed to fix a bug that caused crashes for some people. My game never crashed until after the update. I’m on day 66 and really enjoy this game but do not want to continue playing if I can not progress. Once I finish day 66 and the open sign turns off, the game crashes and I have to repeat day 66

Good app, great app

The art style doesn’t make this seem like a free app, it’s a repetitive game about making pizza. Im usually very picky about my apps and can’t keep one for an hour but I’ve kept this for a week! Really good game

10/10 Game

This is a really fun game. Definitely Recomended!

Speed doesn’t matter

This game is fun not babyish and you don’t have to speed through


The game is funny but yet so realistic

Update - crashes

Whenever I open the app it would take me to the homepage, but once I tap on the store the app crashes and close. When I finished the day the app would crash when transitioning to the day review page. Please fix the issue. Overall, I very much enjoy this game.


It's awesome I love it

fun but slow!

Really funny responses to pizza. Fun to figure out pizza riddles. but cooking the za is super slow.


The customers are not specific enough with their order and you may have to tap what and then it takes down the percentage, the customer percentage decreases within seconds and either way your annoying the customer. You always go bankrupt in the end and they want you to buy money. No way to win

Fun pizza game!

I’ve had this on my phone for about two months now and I love playing it when I’ve got time to kill. Fun, simple and cute art work!


Amazing. Download. Now. Trust me.

Good pizza GREAT PIZZA

Love this game!! I work hard like I’m in a real pizzeria, I just wish it was like the android version with the new toppings and new kind of customers. PLEASEEE UPDATE! Otherthan that, good game, GREAT PIZZA

Super cute!

Love this game, simple controls but still entertaining and fun, very cute art style and dialogue with wide cast of costumers that makes the game more satisfying. I also just noticed it came with imessage stickers which are super awesome as well! Overall a great game, highly recommend.

No sauce?

When the people ask for a cheese pizza or any pizza for that matter, it is extremely difficult to tell if they want sauce on their pizza. Who would get a cheese pizza and automatically want no sauce?


I am seriously addicted. Spelled:A D D I C T E D. You’re welcome for your spelling lesson ∧_∧       ( ・∀・)       ( U つ     ) ) ) (_)_)

Great while it lasted

I deleted this game today... I don’t think I’ve ever made a successful sausage pizza... Super fun and addicting game, though. Kinda therapeutic. The art style is refreshing and the in game characters are charming and mostly unique. My one complaint is that I don’t have much time to play games in general, so I kinda wish you could get in game money and progress faster... without paying real money of course. -But I guess that request isn’t very realistic. I’ve made it to day 27(in game), and honestly, I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished very much. Maybe things get better after the 30 day mark or something, but I’m honestly no longer interested in what this game has to offer. Customer orders become more cryptic in an effort to make the game more challenging, I guess? This comes along with the plethora of toppings. Maybe you feel differently, but to me *Getting multi topping pizzas slightly wrong and being severely punished for it is not engaging gameplay in the slightest. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this game. It is quiet and beautiful. Fantastic to play in your down time, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll only be entertained for a little while.


Best food management game i have ever played! You need to try it

Don’t buy this game! Really!

I might seem like one of those people who thinks everything is bad but I’m not. This game is fun and engaging- until I met the customers that personally offended me, not like mean things, but who they were and how they turned out. I actually usually come out of the game feeling pretty depressed and unhappy. I don’t think you should buy this.

No more story plot line?

I really liked the plot line in the beginning. But there's basically no more plot line after Alicante's???

great game!

this game is a very simple and easy game. the graphics are also indeed beautiful. i recommend this game for everyone!!!


Boooooooooooooooooooooo this is stupid

Good pizza, great pizza, fun game.

Fun and addictive!! Saw my husband playing it now I’ve outplayed him for sure. Absolutely love that you can enjoy the game without it pushing you to pay real money to advance, though it’s nice as an option. I like that there isn’t crazy down time where i have to keep checking back to see if my pizza is done cooking etc. i can play a “day” and continue keep going, or pick back up right where i left off no matter what. Highly recommend!!


This game is really great and super fun. I recommend this game 100%!!!!

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